City Reformed Church (1661 N. Farwell Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53202)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Pastor of Missional Outreach and Community Life

The purpose of this position is to help lead and organize the church in outreach to the Brady Street neighborhood and the wider city of Milwaukee. Because the effectiveness of the church’s mission is deeply connected to the vibrancy of its life together this position also includes a responsibility to nurture and develop the community life of the church. In close partnership with the congregation this person will help clarify, deepen and make operational the church’s strategic vision for missional engagement. The meaning of mission at City Reformed Church is captured by four core values: 1) Seeking and Finding (evangelistic outreach); 2) Justice and Peacemaking (ministry of mercy); 3) Eating and Drinking (community formation around celebration); and 4) Creativity and Work (vocational discipleship). We see these to be overlapping and integrated aspects of a biblical vision of mission. This position will help develop and support concrete ministry projects around our core mission values. Our goal is not to hire someone to do mission on behalf of the congregation but rather to catalyze the mission life of the community by providing training, support, organization and leadership.

GOALS AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Priority and focus of these will depend on gifting of person)

  • OutreachDevelop a strategic plan for neighborhood engagement in collaboration with congregation and council (pastor, elders and deacons)
    • Responsible to help the congregation utilize its community space in a busy neighborhood to its full potential both for the development of the church’s own community life as well as its missional engagement with the neighborhood.
    • Lead the congregation in developing relationships within the Brady Street neighborhood. This will involve spending meaningful time outside the church
    • Help congregation to identify missional opportunities and lead them in pursuing these opportunities
    • Help deacons focus and develop the church’s ministries of mercy
  • Community Life FormationProvide theological direction and spiritual support to community as it seeks to faithfully follow Jesus in mission:
    • Get to know gifts and talents of community, helping to coordinate and direct the use of these gifts for mission and service in the community
    • Provide training and pastoral support to community group leaders
    • Catalyze missional projects and provide organizational support of the community in outreach events both inside and outside the church’s community space
  • DiscipleshipAssist lead pastor, elders and deacons in deepening discipleship around areas evangelism, vocational understanding and diaconal ministry
    • Provide evangelistic and apologetic training to congregation for the sake of sharing the faith.
    • Work with deacons to help educate the congregation and organize them for volunteer service around issues of mercy and justice in the city of Milwaukee
    • Provide support to the congregation in the area of vocational discipleship. The goal is to help members (and beyond) to think about how their Monday through Friday work life can serve God and can bear witness to his Kingdom.
  • AdministrationOffer administrative support for organizing the congregation in its community and missional life
    • Responsible to oversee approval process for community space projects, along with coordinating and scheduling different uses of this space
    • Responsible to oversee development of new community groups and offer organizational support
    • Provide administrative and organizational support to church council
  • Preaching and WorshipAssist lead pastor in leading worship and periodic preaching
    • Participate in leading different parts of worship service
    • Occasional preaching (Every 6 to 8 weeks)

The person who fills this position will report directly to the lead pastor with whom they will work closely. As with the lead pastor this position is ultimately responsible to the church council.


  • Reformed Vision—Deeply committed to Reformed Confessional understanding of doctrine and ministry practice. This will likely require an M.Div. degree or equivalent. Ordination in CRC is not required but openness to an eventual path to ordination is desired. Both male and female applicants are welcomed.
  • Relational—Is relationally engaging and understands that life on life relationships are the foundation of all ministry, especially in missionary contexts. Must be collaborative in working with the church community, lead pastor and council to fulfill missionary mandate of the church
  • Missional—Commitment to a wholistic understanding of biblical mission. This means understanding the priority of the church’s evangelistic mission to share the gospel with non-Christians, but also how the church is called to genuine love for the poor which desires to see people who live at the margins of society to become part of the mainstream of the church.
  • Organized—As a position whose purpose is to build out the ministry of the church into the neighborhood it will be important for this person to have good administrative skills and organizational follow through. Self-directed and comfortable working in entrepreneurial and developing ministry context.
  • Adventurous—Ready for personally risky and spiritually adventurous engagements with neighborhood community and church that could spectacularly fail

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