milwaukee_water_towerIn the summer of 2009, around kitchen tables and backyard fire pits, a small group of people started sharing a kindred desire and dream to plant a gospel-centered and theologically Reformed church in the city center of Milwaukee. We all lived in the city, but most of us were driving outside the city to Brookfield Christian Reformed Church in order to worship. As Milwaukee residents who avidly love the city we all shared the common experience of feeling a structural disconnection between our Sundays and the rest of our week. We found that our desire to dig in deep and to minster within our local communities, to share the gospel with co-workers and neighbors, to care about the social welfare of the city, were at cross-purposes with driving outside the city every Sunday. We desired to close this gap. We desired to fully inhabit the place that God has set us and this meant worshiping closer to where we lived. But more important than any of these reasons is the simple fact that city center Milwaukee is in desperate need of more robust gospel-driven churches. After over two years of planning, praying and growing together as a community we launched our first public worship services in February 2012.

While City Reformed Church is a newly formed congregation, our beliefs and practice are not new. We wholeheartedly embrace the historic Christian faith expressed in all the ecumenical creeds of the universal church (e.g., the Apostles and Nicene Creeds). We are also committed to the theological heritage of the Protestant Reformation as a member church of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, a denomination with roots back to the 1800’s in America, and grounded in the historic reformation theology as expressed in the Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession, and The Canons of Dordt.

City Reformed Church partners with various churches and ministries in the greater Milwaukee area. Our mother church, with whom we maintain a close relationship is Brookfield Christian Reformed Church.