We believe the following:

There is one eternal, loving, and perfect God who exists in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This God created everything and moment by moment holds everything together. As the center of the universe he is the fount of all truth, goodness and beauty, and the meaning of all existence.

The Human Condition

Human beings, while created in the image of God, have rejected God’s love and direction and have become estranged from him. We are born into this world moving away from God and apart from God’s mercy and initiative, the human race is utterly unable to remedy its lost condition.

The Father (salvation conceived)

Out of the depths of his infinite love and mercy, God decided to bring his creation – starting with humanity – back into relationship with himself.

The Son (salvation accomplished)

The Father initiated this salvation by sending Jesus, the Son of God. He was born as a real human being. He lived a life of perfect love. He was crucified in our place, taking the punishment that we deserved. Three days later he rose from the dead, the first flare of a new, perfect world that has been flaming up in this darkened world ever since. Through his death and resurrection we have forgiveness of sins. Jesus will come again, put an end to all evil, and establish his utterly beautiful, just, and euphoric new world. Jesus alone can save.

The Spirit (salvation applied)

The same Spirit that hovered over the chaos of the deep at the beginning of creation hovered over the grave of Jesus and raised him from the dead. Through Jesus this Spirit is available to all believers as the power of new creation. The Holy Spirit makes redemption a living reality in our lives. This Spirit convicts of sin, illumines, indwells us, fills us, guides us, heals us, empowers us, comforts us, prays through us, equips us, and sends us out. In all these works the Spirit is drawing us with all of creation towards its consummation at the final resurrection of the dead when all things will be set right and made new.

The Scriptures

The Scriptures are the written Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and without error in all they intend to teach. The Spirit who wrote the Scriptures also enables us to receive them as our supreme authority, the starting point of all our thinking, our only rule for faith and practice.

The Church

The church is not just an aggregate of individuals like grains of sand held together by moisture. The church is a living, spiritual organism – the very body of Christ. Jesus is the head of the church. As a head animates a body, so Jesus animates and governs his church. We become a part of the life of this mysterious body when we become Christians. Baptism incorporates us into this vibrant church. Regular communion and preaching maintains and nourishes this life.

The Mission

As hands, feet, ears, eyes and legs of the Body of Christ we live holy and obedient lives, not to earn his favor, but rather to show him our love and gratitude. In so doing, we exist as an alternative community of righteousness amidst the powers of evil that rule and control this perishing world. We do not attack and condemn the world. We are fully present in the world, the faithful presence of the Lord who loves the world.